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At Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C., our mission is simple: We want to help our clients with their intellectual property (IP) needs, regardless of what those needs may be. To this end, our practice is devoted exclusively to IP matters, and our firm is comprised of attorneys who have centuries of combined experience in fields of intellectual property law.

We Help Companies Protect Their IP, No Matter What

Regardless of a company’s size or stage of growth, protecting its IP assets is important. Taking the necessary steps to protect a company’s intellectual property assets can provide immense value, and it can be the difference between bringing a new product to market with confidence or being forced to shelve the product due to conflicting IP ownership claims.

Simply put, we provide our clients with the certainty they need to move forward. We do this by protecting their IP assets, making sure they do not infringe other companies’ IP rights, helping them execute IP-related transactions successfully, and protecting their interests in litigation when necessary. We do all of this as efficiently as possible and with due consideration for the business and practical implications of unnecessary delays.

We are Trusted Advocates, Advisors and Confidants for Our Clients

As a law firm, we are inherently on the outside of our clients’ operations. But we also know how critically important it is for our attorneys to have a clear understanding of our clients’ IP development efforts and business trajectories, and we know that executives, scientists, engineers, and other professionals oftentimes do not know when IP-related questions need to be asked.

In order to serve our mission, we invest a significant amount of time and effort in learning about our clients’ businesses. This allows us to become more-effective advocates and advisors, and it allows our attorneys to become trusted confidants who are just a phone call or email away. While we may serve as outside counsel, we prioritize getting to know our clients’ businesses from the inside out, and we strive to become daily partners in our clients’ efforts to cultivate, manage and monetize their IP portfolios.

What Can You Expect from the IP Lawyers at Greenblum & Bernstein?

With all of this in mind, what can you expect when you choose Greenblum & Bernstein as your company’s IP counsel?

  • Advice Based on Centuries of IP Experience. We focus exclusively on IP law, and our attorneys have multiple centuries of combined high-level IP experience.
  • Unwavering Advocacy in IP Litigation. We are staunch advocates for our clients in litigation involving the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and private litigants around the world.
  • Forward-Thinking Strategies for IP-Related Transactions. In licensing, procurement and other IP transactions, we offer forward-thinking strategies focused on maximizing value for our clients.
  • In-Depth IP Counseling Based on Your Company’s Specific Operations and Needs. Again, we heavily prioritize getting to know our clients so that we can provide proactive and custom-tailored IP counseling.
  • Unparalleled Accessibility and Commitment to Your Company’s Innovation. In everything we do, we strive to provide unparalleled accessibility, and we are committed to helping our clients change the world.