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Jeffrey (Jeff) R. Bousquet joined the firm in 2017. As a prosecuting attorney, Jeff’s work involves preparing and prosecuting patent applications in diversified technologies within the chemical and biotechnology disciplines. Some of these areas include pharmaceuticals, molecular biology, therapeutic methods, diagnostics, food products, semiconductor wafer production and processing, batteries, plastics, and a diverse array of other chemical products and processes. Jeff is also a reviewing attorney on our New Application filing team and has over 12 years of experience filing applications with the USPTO.    



  • Attorney/Law Clerk – at an Idaho law firm – 2004-2006
  • Patent Attorney – at a northern Virginia IP law firm – 2006-2017
  • Patent Attorney – Greenblum and Bernstein, P.L.C. – 2017-Present

Professional Associations and Memberships


Representative Publications

  • Bousquet, J., “Considerations for Filings U.S. Patent Applications in DOCX Format”, 19(1) Journal of Generic Medicines 46-50 (2023).

  • Bousquet, J., “Biosimilars and Federal Preemption in the USA”, 15 Journal of Generic Medicines 138-144 (2018).