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Client Counseling, Licensing & Technology Transfer

Greenblum and Bernstein’s Client Counseling, Licensing and Technology Transfer Group actively counsels clients in licensing their patents and defending against third party licensing campaigns.

Members of the Group are skilled and equally comfortable in negotiating and settling contested matters, as well as developing and formulating mutually beneficial license arrangements in more cooperative settings.

The Group’s members include attorneys experienced in both litigation and patent prosecution, who consider and employ a wide range of legal, business, and technical issues in advising clients in maximizing the value of their patent portfolios. The Group’s efforts include assessing strengthening, asserting, and licensing patent portfolios.

The Group also has extensive experience in defending against assertions of patent infringement. Utilizing their experience and understanding of the Federal Courts and patent prosecution practice, members of the Group develop a negotiation strategy, including litigation if necessary, tailored to the clients’ needs, and to reach the desired outcome.

Attorneys in the Group are experienced in negotiating and drafting a wide spectrum of agreements, including license agreements, joint venture agreements, technology transfer agreements, partnership agreements, settlement agreements, common interest agreements, joint defense agreements, and software development agreements.