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Litigation and Trial

The Litigation and Trial Group at Greenblum and Bernstein approaches each patent dispute with an emphasis on achieving results tailored to efficiently meet each client’s business goals.

The Litigation and Trial Group’s members have the knowledge, experience, and resources to try the most complex cases to a successful resolution, whether enforcing or defending against assertions of patent infringement on behalf of an individual, small business, or a multinational corporation. Most Litigation and Trial Group members have an engineering or scientific degree and all have the ability to distill complex issues and present complex technology to a judge or jury in an easily understood manner.

Although the firm’s highly skilled attorneys are prepared to take each case through trial and appeal, the firm’s goal is to create a cost-effective approach that meets each client’s specific business needs. The attorneys at Greenblum and Bernstein counsel clients and develop and implement legal strategies and tactics to efficiently obtain the desired outcome, whether negotiating a business resolution or bringing a matter to trial. The firm is proud of its uniform record of tailoring strategies to its clients’ individual needs and obtaining resolutions that best suit those needs.

All firms promote their litigation groups. What distinguishes our group is its consistent record of success based upon an in-depth knowledge of the courts and the patent system, combined with the skill to present it to the judge or jury in a clear and concise fashion, while focusing on the decisive issues. Every case ultimately boils down to developing a position and successfully presenting it. Speak to our trial lawyers, and decide whether these are the people you would want talking to a judge or jury.

General litigators often simplify or abstract technical issues to the point of being clever or vague, while most patent attorneys have a tendency to get lost in the details. The attorneys at Greenblum and Bernstein, however, blend the appropriate qualities of each. They identify and use the right technology and excel at conversantly presenting the case to the judge or jury in a way that invites a positive result. Experience and natural ability of our trial tested attorneys are the keys to success.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Greenblum and Bernstein is also an innovator in alternative fee arrangements. While most law firms still offer only the billable hour choice, Greenblum and Bernstein recognizes that, in the right circumstances, clients may be better served by alternative fee arrangements. Whether the client is an individual, small business or multinational corporation looking for payment schedules and/or cost predictability in a litigation matter, Greenblum and Bernstein understands that the bottom line is the budget. In the right situation, Greenblum and Bernstein can craft a fee arrangement to fit both the client’s and the firm’s objectives and satisfy the clients’ defined goals.